Hello World!

I left WordPress a year or so ago, due to a little burnout and a desire to disappear from the online world and social media. I’d been out there for a few years, and being the introvert I tend to be, I felt there was too much of myself showing. Plus, I just ran out of anything worthwhile to say. So, I closed it all down.

But I like to write; in fact, it borders on being something of an obsession. My brain never seems to shut down, which is very annoying in the middle of the night. And occasionally I run across a thought that appears to be worth sharing (whether or not that’s true is up to you to decide).

A couple of my friends and family recently inquired if I was doing any writing. One was even kind enough to say they missed my blogs. It made me realize I missed them, too. So here we are, starting over once again.

I don’t expect this to be anything profound; I don’t have it in me. If I manage to make it to thought provoking, I’d consider it a success. I’d settle for mildly entertaining, “I know just what he’s saying”, or even raising your curiosity enough to come back and hang around for a while.

I’m not going to try and sell you anything, don’t especially want to talk about politics, and don’t think my life is so important that everyone needs to know every little detail of it. I just like to write about what’s on my mind, and kind of figured it might be on somebody else’s mind, too. If so, welcome; let’s talk.

Whatever brings you here, I’m glad you came. I hope you’ll plan on staying and visiting. If the conversation gets a little dull, I’ll understand if you don’t. But I’d love to hear from you just the same.

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