Safe with Papa

This was almost eight years ago. This “little one” isn’t little anymore, as are her brothers and sister. But I hope the message is meaningful to you, because it’s still true.

Back to the Natural State

Safe with PapaMy wife and I just returned from a four day trip to Austin TX where we enjoyed a “Grandkid Fix”. It had been a few months since we saw them last, and really needed a pick-me-up. Every grandparent in the world knows exactly what I mean. There is no substitute in the world for it.

My grandkids are nine, seven, three, and the little one above will be one next month. Each is fascinating in their own way, and all are a joy to have around (most of the time). They bring blessings to my life I haven’t found anywhere else. I have several names and nicknames that I have worn over the years, but one of my favorites is Papa (my wife is MiMi).

My grandkids love to climb up in my lap and have me hold them, and I love to have them there. It gets even better when they…

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