What I Believe: Begin with the Basics

I wrote this several years ago in a now inactive blog. But my thoughts on it haven’t changed. I offer it here for your consideration.

Ranting Against the Status Quo

As a father and grandfather, I am intrigued as I watch my children and grandchildren grow. However, I am troubled by certain things I see in them, particularly in matters of faith and belief. Granted, my kids have grown up in an era of situational morality, multiculturalism, political correctness and “tolerance” for all viewpoints except the one that holds there are absolute standards against which all human behavior is to be judged. My fear is my children have absorbed so much of this cultural mindset that they have lost their way. But my concern is also for my neighbors, the citizens of this nation and indeed, those who are searching for light in a world of darkness.

As the patriarch of my clan (it’s true: as the eldest male in my immediate family, I can legitimately make that claim), I still hold a certain amount of responsibility for the spiritual…

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