I live in northern Michigan. It’s the state where I was born, but it took me most of my life and living in several other places to finally achieve my dream of living “up north”. My life has been a combination of “don’t do what I did” and a crazy sort of adventure. I have been able to travel to Europe, South America and the Caribbean, met many wonderful people in many places, and have learned something from all of them, sometimes positive, sometimes negative, sometimes both. No doubt they learned the same things from me.

I’ve reached the point in my life where there’s more of it behind than in front. When you get there, you accumulate many memories and, if you’re lucky, some wisdom as well. And, like most older folks that pester their kids and grandkids with stories they have heard a dozen times and don’t want to hear again, I have thoughts that beg to be shared-somewhere. Thus, this blog.

I appreciate you taking the time to visit. If I can pass on some of the wisdom that’s been given to me, and get you to think about it, then I’ve done my job.