Category: Cancer

  • Listening to the Right Voices

    It’s been years since I had anything that remotely resembles what’s called a “normal night’s sleep”, that being eight continuous hours. I spent many years in nursing working every conceivable type of shift, and my circadian rhythm is permanently broken. It was during one such episode last night that I came across the above image […]

  • More Questions than Answers

    I’ll need to keep this one short. In a little while, I will be taking my wife back to see her oncology nurse practitioner for a biopsy of a suspicious area related to her endometrial cancer surgery of a year and a half ago. The practitioner found it last week during a routine checkup. God […]

  • It is Well with My Soul

    The hymn When Peace Like a River was born of tragedy. The lyrics were written by Horatio Spafford, a successful lawyer who lived in Chicago in the late 1800’s. His story is that of a modern-day Job. He lost extensive real estate holdings in the Chicago Fire of 1871. Just prior to that his son […]

  • When the Day Turns as Gray as the Weather

    This is from one of my old blogs, Finding My Way Home, and was referenced in my previous post. My cancer has been a long-standing problem and will never go away until I do. Praise be to God that so far, the side effects from the medications have been minimal, although trying to work out […]

  • When Your Life is No Longer Under Your Control

    I’d be willing to bet most of you looked at the title and had a specific thought come to you about what it meant. Chances are pretty good the thought was wrong. When we think of not having control over our life it usually brings to mind something painful, terrifying, depressing, perhaps terminal, but always […]