Category: Relationship with God

  • Meaning and Purpose

    Consider the following: Unless you have an identical twin, there has never been, will never be, and is not anyone exactly like you in the entire world. No one else has your exact genetic make-up. Even more astounding, if you have siblings, even though you are all products of the same genetic pool provided by […]

  • Snapshots of God

    It’s in the Bible that God chooses to reveal Himself to us. And yet, it sometimes feels as though the Bible gives us only a small picture of God, because there aren’t words to adequately give us a full picture. We wouldn’t be able to understand it anyway; our minds couldn’t comprehend it. It’s one […]

  • Listening to the Right Voices

    It’s been years since I had anything that remotely resembles what’s called a “normal night’s sleep”, that being eight continuous hours. I spent many years in nursing working every conceivable type of shift, and my circadian rhythm is permanently broken. It was during one such episode last night that I came across the above image […]